Overview, with Rick Overton

God bless the Internet. Thanks to digital immortality, all the things we call “content” never fully disappear. It’s possible now to discover new programs that are in fact quite old — or on indeterminate hiatus. Our current favorite podcast extant is “Overview, with Rick Overton,” an hour-long conversation between the legendary improviser-comic-actor-writer Rick Overton and one of his funny, intelligent friends. A new episode hasn’t been posted in nearly a year, but the archive contains dozens of extraordinarily insightful and entertaining dialogues between the brilliant Overton and dazzling guests like Robin Williams, Greg Proops and Sugar Ray Leonard. (Huh? Yes!) We’ve laughed. We’ve learned. And now we wait in anticipation for new shows. For smart folks who love to laugh, “Overview” is aural deep-fried, chocolate-covered pizza dusted with THC. More, please.


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