Poem: An Especially Eventful Tuesday

Tuesdays are TerrificTuesdays around here are Terrific Tuesdays! And not

because of Tacos or Two-fers

or the hair harvested like sod from Hasidic volunteers (Jew fur).

No, Tuesdays are terrific around here, at my place and

at the neighbors’. Tuesdays are

when our domestic servants, our help, our remunerated slaves, our euphemism of choice –

we get our houses cleaned by people who don’t live

in houses as nice as these houses.

“Housecleaners.” That’s another one for the list.

Tuesdays are always when the wealthy white people who live

on my street come home from law offices and violin lessons and a panoply of splendid pursuits

to a domicile that looks as though no one lives

there, like it has been unoccupied all day, which

my housecleanermaybe that’s true, depending on how you define “a person that counts as much as everyone else.”

Marvelous Tuesdays! Cleanest moments of the week. Dirtiest moments of the week.

I am some kind of success, you see, for

I pay a brown woman to do the on-the-knees labor, the work,

the unpleasantries I and the brown woman who is my wife

prefer to assign, to offer,  to exploit someone who needs the money that

we have

enough of.

How fortunate, a three-legged dog with patience, that Nature

the great leveler

always brings slave and master together in communion.

This terrific Tuesday we were overrun by ants. Black ones

that stink when crushed. In my dream

they made a nest with millions of eggs, grains of sand, and thousands of caretakers, and somewhere

a Queen – and it was all inside the circuit-board warmth of the CD player on the mantel

in the living room

where I listen to my wife’s records

where I listen to my brown wife sing about connecting to

the higher vibe.

May all living creatures be happy and free, I hope somewhere

a Queen, as I commandeer the vacuum from the less valuable living creature

who works to keep my home free of ormigas and other reminders

of failure.

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