Poem: Buried on the Bottom of Page Three

LA TimesToday, like yesterday and tomorrow, brought news from

Egypt, one of our staunchest allies in the region, a country we

Love in the form of billions of dollars gifted to

Their military in a sanitary package

That we call



A judge there, a learned man of honor and integrity,

Decreed that in his refined legal opinion

683 of his fellow Egyptians

Associated with the wrong political party should

Be put to



reaction to injusticeThe condemned, all of them members of the

Muslim Brotherhood, once democratically elected,

Now officially a terrorist organization, were tried

Simultaneously as a single defendant

In the interest of saving



When the American people learned that their precious

Tax dollars were being used to support

Murderous regimes in Egypt – and everywhere else —expressions of love

Cries of outrage did not rise

Above the usual



War was not declared and boycotts were not

Announced. We all agreed that

These days it’s hard to tell

The difference between the

Humanitarians and the


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