Poem: How Can it Be?

a perplexed thinkerHow can it be

You might wonder in a quiet moment set aside willfully to focus on will,

on what you will do and what you won’t and how it always is what you will it to be – yes,

during one of those appointments with your soul you might wonder

How can it be?

How can it be that I am simultaneously the most irrelevant and most important

creature in the entire galaxy, if not the universe and beyond?

How can it be that the assemblage of energy and chemicals and vibrations that I call Me

is of supreme importance when matters of personal convenience or comfort are at hand, yet

strangely invisible and uncounted when issues of piquantly more comprehensive concern are decided upon?


The universe is curved. Time has ended for some of the stars in our telescopes. We go on.

And now we’re made to understand that we are born and alive and dead simultaneously or concurrently or whatever word helps your overmatched brain comprehend something almost nobody fully gets.

It’s all now. That’s the point. Yesterday and tomorrow and today are all now.

How can it be?

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