Poem: Poet Philosopher

alan-ginsberg-poet-philosopher-carole-spandauLet this be my manifesto

to be tacked upon cathedrals and posted on digital walls

where everyone in the world goes to look

at what isn’t happening to them. It has thusly been decreed

that He is I and I is He – another way to say

that I is We, and He and You and all that ever was.

It’s all in here.


The decision has been made – by who or whom or what, no one can say.

Royalty or slave, predator or prey, your divine purpose

is to be of service to God, God being Nature and living creatures and

everything that’s here and everything that isn’t.

Your brothers and sisters, the ones who aren’t born yet, the ones whose shells

you might one lifetime inhabit – everyone is qualified, despite what merchants in the religion trade

claim.edward markham poet philosopher


Heretofore and hencewith, for seventeen millennia and the next few hours,

I have myself convinced that the finest way to answer the question

is to share whatever it is one does best or most naturally or with the most grace

and share it with the world

really share, not merely as a flickering status update but as in how

the flower shares her pollen with the bee

and he shares the fruit of his labor with us

and we…

We write philosophical poems that aspire to be about


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