Poem: Remembered

He will be rememberedEven King Richard — the 2nd one, not the mean 3rd one with the hunched back

that signaled

Disfigurement of character as well as of spine —

Even he, a good and noble man

In the literal sense,

Purchased with his wealth and fame

Little more

Than a humble plot of earth to lie


Or as long as eternity allows our spinning globe to circle the sun.

Whether crowned or bereft of powerful symbols,

Like crosses and Stars of David, or tattoos of lascivious women,

All of us go quietly

And are heard no more.

Stories are told, sometimes more often than not.

Photos consulted.

Movies watched.

Books considered.

But who beside the grand villain,

The brave martyr,

The comic pig,

The fearless guide,

The awfully destructive,

The ambitiously constructive

Is remembered when he’s gone?

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