Poem: The Sexiest Thing a Woman Can Do

CC_77Your furled brow and pursed lips declare “all is not quite right.”

You’re losing private battles between foes called Dark and Light.


A poker face is good for gambling, good for fooling foes,

but tabula rasa is a start for art, not how friendship grows.

Unpinch the nose, remove the sneer, put pleasure where there’s pain,

and see how easy life becomes when there is no strain,

no stress, no angst, no effort to be made

to be the best, to win the race, to earn the highest grade.

Turning frowns upside down seems childish at best.

So, stern and somber grown-ups may try a simple test:


When next you feel the urge to shroud your soul with inexpressive guile

try, instead, to give a grateful world your empathetic smile.

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