Poem: To a Progressive Friend Frightened of Progress

HIlary-vs-Bernie-Musicians-2015-BIllboard-650Your righteous race to accumulate

Good Karma

Requires making love

And opposing hate

This noble social justice quest cannot carve out exceptions

To the covenant

Between your values and yourself

You cannot advocate for the homeless

While cheerleading for the Wall Street Banks that put people out of homes

You cannot advocate for Peace

While funding the Machine of War

You cannot deplore Big Pharma and Bigger Oil

Then vote for their six-figure whore


Cognitive dissonance   Intuitive imprisonment   leathery logic

Repeat repeat repeat

I am a giant spirit with a giant heart

I am always learning

But ask yourself

How much healing can I bring to the world

If I loan my soul

To causers of harm

Bringers of sorrow


Yin needs Yang and dark needs light and balance needs balance

Change needs courage

And a constancy of purpose


Living consciously is a lifetime job permitting no vacations

For dismal moral vacillations

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