Preventing and Defeating Depression, in Five Easy Steps

hands up over headAll of us get down occasionally. We all get the blues.

For some, it’s worse. The darkness never seems to brighten. Moroseness, hopelessness and inertia set in, rooting us ever deeper in a self-made hole. This is commonly known as depression, and the medical industry has an expensive and fleetingly successful solution for the illness. Legal drug dealers – doctors – prescribe powerful chemicals to alter our brains, to allow us to “function” despite a persistent feeling of sadness shrouding even the happiest days.

What if you could alter your brain chemistry without taking a pill? And not by smoking cannabis.

What if the “cure” to depression involved doing things instead of ingesting things?

We might not be able to vaccinate ourselves against depression, but we can certainly prevent the onset of depression. Here’s how. As part of a conscious daily practice, not necessarily in any order, do all five of these activities:

1) SING. Out loud. Loud enough to make your body vibrate.

2) DANCE. Like no one is watching. Use every part of your soul-transporting body. This often can be combined with Step #1.make love to nature

3) CREATE. Make something. A painting, a flower bed, a pie, a stranger smile. Anything. Add to the world. Be something more than a mere consumer.

4) RISE. Put your hands above your head, reaching toward the sky. Let your sternum rise to the sun. Grow, don’t shrink. Repeat throughout the day.

5) MAKE LOVE. To another person. To yourself. To the world. Make love.

Now, go be happy.

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2 Responses

  1. Courtney says:

    Check out 5-Htp, a critical amino acid for depressed people…

  2. Chris says:

    That’ll help do it!