Remind Us Again. . .

Remind me again...Remind us again…why one group of people should be permitted to tell another group of people what they may (or may not) eat, drink, or smoke?

Why is it illegal to make a bet on a football game but legal to make a bet on the stock market?

Why is it illegal for a woman to earn money by performing sexual favors but legal for a woman to marry for money?

Why are carmakers permitted to manufacture and market automobiles that exceed the maximum legal speed limit by almost 100%?

Why do animal rights activists decry cockfighting but allow human cockfighting?

Why our children must be shielded from sexual imagery but bombarded by unrelenting violence?

Why dying in the Middle East in defense of oil interests makes someone a hero?

Why Congressmen ought to be interested in the political opinions of television actors?

Why evangelicals cannot rest until everyone they meet is as miserable as they?

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