Remind Me Again

Pretend I just woke from a dream in which the United States of America was a land built on liberty and justice for all. My mind is still addled, full of silly egalatarian notions. I don’t get how stuff really works. So help me. Remind me again why…

Remind me again why it’s legal in America to sell your fellow citizens tobacco products known to cause severe illness and death.

Remind me again why one is supposed to admire billionaires. Or multi-millionaiers. Or anyone who hoards more than he needs while countless others have nothing.

Remind me again what distinguishes Barack Obama’s policies on the environment, torture, and medical marijuana from George W. Bush’s.

Remind me again why we have tens-of-thousands of soldiers in Iraq.

Remind me again why the USA if officially “friends” with Saudi Arabia, a country that discriminates against half the population, excludes Jews from entering their borders, and imprisons anyone who tells the truth.

Remind me again what’s so bad about socialized medicine and what’s so great about our profit-driven system.

Remind me again how a pious expression of “family values” can be consistent with a lifestyle that ruins our children’s environment.

Remind me again why America is better than every place else.

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