Resistance Action Plan

EXCERPTED FROM “How The Revolution Started: Essays & Impertinent Thoughts “(Eggy Press).

How are you resisting?

We’ve been asked this question often. How are you resisting “the occupation?” The “fascist state?”

Knowing fully how woogie-woogie the answer sounds, we sometimes make a joke about having nothing to resist, what with the current administration’s glaring and obvious kindheartedness, how everything they do is informed by care and compassion.

The truth is, we’re “resisting” the same way we resisted the last three administrations: by meeting ugliness and hatred with beauty and love.

Barf! (Please note: A woogie-woogie warning was properly posted.)

When faced with divisiveness, we seek unity. When faced with un-Christian behavior, we remember the teachings of Christ. Everything we see lacking in our leaders — a modicum of human decency, to name one — we try to replace threefold what’s lacking in ourselves. Their flaws are our flaws; the difference is we choose to fix ours.

So, for every revolutionary out there, everyone who refuses to abdicate to rage and resentment, we unveil our brief and exceedingly simple 2017 Resistance Action Plan. This is the scheme were currently using. Feel free to change the world by changing yourself, or don’t. This unchecked aggression will not stand.

We resist.


+ Stop looking for kindness and virtue in your fellow human beings. Start being kind and virtuous to your fellow human beings.

+ Find the least among you and care for them as though they were your own child (or pet).

+ Speak truth to power and be compassionate when you do, because power is frightened of truth.

+ Understand that there’s enough of everything for everyone; generosity will not cause anyone to suffer.

+ Be the version of You you wish to become.

+ Make a giant pot of soup and share.


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1 Response

  1. Chris Zambon says:

    Generosity and thankfulness. I think, though not sure, a German Jew in history said something that reminds me of Trump all the time.” Cruel people always call themselves the paragon of frankness.” I see this constantly. Though I know we need to have goodness in our heart, fear pokes its ugly head high, and it is just what Trump feeds on.