Sara Serpa & Andre Matos: All the Dreams

The Portuguese duo of Sara Serpa (vocals) and Andre Matos (guitar), make music that invites a torrent of adjectives: ethereal, shimmering, poetic, hypnotic, and, yes, dreamy. Imagine if J.S. Bach and Joao Gilberto collaborated — while tripping on opium. “All the Dreams” is an album that invites repeated listening. (Our household has enjoyed the record about 30 times.) Matos — with the help of synthesist Pete Rende and drummer Billy Mintz — creates airy, atmospheric structures for Serpa’s angelic voice to imbue with melody. Many of the songs are wordless; some borrow bits of poems. All of them tend to put the listener in a pleasant trance, swept away on a sonic magic carpet of refreshing, surprising originality.


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