Save the DHS!

tsasmokingBecause of another political fracas between competing brands of The Money Party, your child’s life is at risk. And so are you.

And so am I, which is why I’m terrified. Not terrorized, since, technically, no act of terror has yet occurred in my neighborhood of Los Angeles. But frightened. You should be, too.

If some Congressman doesn’t get his way on immigration then some other Congressman isn’t going to get his way on funding government programs. Like the essential irreplaceable most important branch of the federal service, the Department of Homeland Security. We’re just days away from a shutdown.

The Department of Homeland Security might get shut down.DHS

Can you fathom how dangerous American life would be without the TSA? Can you imagine the thousands (tens-of-thousands?) of terrorists ready to infiltrate our borders and disrupt Southwest Airlines?

And can you wrap your mind around how many phone calls and emails won’t be read and recorded?

And how many terrorist plots will succeed?

All because of politics.

I’d like to continue to rail against the stupidity and injustice of putting American citizens at risk for ulterior motives. But I’ve got to get back to building a panic room in the garage that can withstand a suicide bomber.

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