Stop Sanders!

The major players of American “neo-liberalism” — which might be more accurately called “neo-corporatism” — are panicking. Thanks to their abject failure to provide “Change You Can Believe In,” their failure to stem the tide of angry right-wing extremism, and their systematic “free trade” evisceration of the middle class, the Clintons, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama, with the assistance of their wealthy patrons and preferred media outlets, helped create two monsters. One’s name is Donald Trump. The other is Bernie Sanders.

Only one of them can be President, but to the Wall Street-Insurance-Pharmaceutical wing of the Democratic Party, both are equally frightening. Watch a random sampling of MSNBC’s propaganda, as obviously biased as Fox News, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s Sanders who might wreck America, not a reality TV clown demagogue. So threatening is Bernie Sanders to the business-as-usual status quo, many prominent politicians are beginning to “speak out,” i.e. smear the man. “Nobody likes him.” “He’s never accomplished anything.” “He’s not mainstream enough for America.” And the one we’ve been hearing ad nauseam for five years: “He can’t win.”

It’s ugly, shameful, and hypocritical. But it’s also very good news for those of us who can no longer stomach the criminality, dishonesty, and violence (in the form of extra-judicial killings and endless wars) carried out by the Democratic Party. The Establishment is scared. And they should be. They sense the enormous groundswell of popular support that promises to sweep a genuine progressive into the White House,

After the events of 2016, a miasma of chicanery and mendacity orchestrated by the DNC, you’d think only a badly deluded megalomaniac would dare to run on a “I’m Pretty Much Like Hillary” platform. But there they are, courting billionaire donors, auditioning for the role of compliant lapdog. Now that most polls show the majority of voters aren’t buying damaged goods, that they’re looking for genuine change — revolutionary change, not incremental pandering — the Establishment is on the verge of desperation. When Bernie wins the first few primaries, the desperation will intensify, and all those loyal “anyone but Trump” Democrats will be forced to look themselves in the mirror. Including Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

But the truth is, few critical thinkers care what they think. The United States of America doesn’t need them, their failed policies, or their vaunted opinions. America needs far stronger medicine.

If you had to boil down each candidate’s political philosophy into an easily-understood phrase — an impossible task for most of the charlatans hoping to be President — Bernie’s would be “take care of each other.” We’re not sure when such an outlook became radical. But we do know that if Jesus Christ were around to vote, it would be pretty easy for him to identify the candidate most in line with his values. For Obama and Clinton, and the TV talking heads and the New York Times editorialists, and all the other well-off folks who are quite satisfied with more of the same, Sanders’ core values are a threat to their hegemony. These wealthy achievers have never been about social justice or fundamental change; their goal has always been power and money. When confronted by a candidate who’s always been about social justice and fundamental change, they freak out.

That’s what we’re seeing now. The comeuppance. The righting of some profound wrongs. We have compassion for the Stop Sanders clique: being exposed as a fraud is never pleasant. But we really don’t mind the rich and powerful slandering the most righteous candidate in our lifetime. It’s a badge of honor, reminding anyone who will listen how dramatically different Bernie Sanders (and his people-powered, grass-roots movement) is from all the rest.

In these precarious times, we’re reminded of the counsel offered by the renowned Greco-Roman orator Dio Chrysostom. We cannot, he said, know what God is, but we can have an innate conviction that he exists. The only real freedom is wisdom — the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. That knowledge transcends everything, especially politics.

We know what’s right and what’s wrong. We know the word of God in our heart is just and loving. When anyone, particularly a Democrat, tries to “Stop Sanders,” we know they’ve stopped listening to that innermost voice.

The majority of us haven’t.

Which is why, no matter who says he mustn’t, Bernie Sanders will be our next President.

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6 Responses

  1. Bambi Anderson says:

    Absolutely!!! Agreed on all points…(MSNBC is a sham,along with all the others like them) They can say what they want, but Bernie’s positions have never wavered in all his years of service! Funny, I was recently reading info on Pete Buttigieg , who in his senior year of high school won first prize for an essay he’d written for a “Profiles in Courage” essay contest ….His chosen subject was “The integrity and political courage of then U.S. Representative Bernie Sanders of Vermont, one of only two independent politicians in Congress” hahaha Thanks Mike, always enjoy your articles.

  2. Overviper says:

    There are over 200 million people in this country that really like the way their medical plans work. Bernie wants to trash all that in favor of what he optimistically calls “Medicare for all”…but even a short look at the numbers involved in this, will quickly show you that it really means “Medicaid” for all. In every country that has single-payer government-run healthcare, treatment is routinely slow and in all too many cases, care is rationed. I have personal experience with this. It’s not pretty.

    A short conversation with anyone in the healthcare industry, and you will find that many hospitals will have to close their doors without the money they can charge private insurance. What Medicare pays will not allow them to stay in business. And yet, many on the Kool Aid drinking Left have almost religious faith in what Bernie says he can deliver. What if he can’t? What then? Our current system is destroyed because Bernie sold us Pie-in-the-sky….

    That’s why he won’t be elected.

  3. Charmaine says:

    Radical ideas:
    – Healthcare for all
    – Aggressively address climate change
    – Regulate pricing of pharmacological drugs
    – Appropriately tax the 1%
    – Eliminate student debt
    – Have a campaign not ran by corporations
    – Increase minimum wage to $15

    How incredibly sad that there are some Americans who will settle for what we have right now. I agree with you, I believe many Americans are tired of the same old moderately conservative approach and darn, if DNC learned from its lesson last primary we will finally have THE CHANGE Obama promised.

    Thank you for the excellent read!

  4. Thank you. Genius, fizzing analysis, beautifully worded for the literate — better than Palmer Report or Wonkette. I will be visiting more often. RIP, Kobe.

  5. Rosenbergver says:

    You captured the whole situation in less than a 1,000 words. Brilliant!