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March 7, 2015

March 7, 2015

MK Punky hosts and performs in “Revolutionary Words” at Elderberries Café, in Hollywood — with Eddie Pepitone!

A New Definition of Family

If you wish to align yourself with a mindset that no one will dispute and most will acclaim, proclaim yourself a paragon of “family values.” Earn a reputation as a “family man.” Put “family” before self. Found a right-wing Christian political bribery machine and call it “Focus on the Family.” Do whatever it is you want to...

The Bitter Buddha

There are a million funny comedians telling jokes and getting laughs. There is only one Eddie Pepitone. The ranting, raging performance artist and comic — think Sam Kinison, but smarter and with a social conscience — has long been treasured and revered by cognoscenti in the comedy community. Now, with the release of “The Bitter...