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Dan Blake’s “Da Fe”

Does righteousness have a sound? Can good intentions be heard in the language of music? Saxophonist/composer Dan Blake’s new recording, Da Fe, attempts an aural answer to those questions, and the results are convincing. A Buddhist, social justice warrior, and former member of the Esperanza Spalding band, Blake’s values are deeply humanist and compassionate; on the...

Innovative Entertainment Solutions

Esperanza Spalding. The Buena Vista Social Club. Charmaine Clamor. And now the official home of those whose ideas transcend 140-character limits. IES, founded by a couple of cats from what used to be known as the music business, specializes in building Websites and direct-to-consumer Web Stores that work. And look nice.  

(K)Jazz is Dead

Since the 1970s, for as long as I’ve been aware of the music commonly known as “jazz,” various authorities, mavens, and aficionados have been declaring it dead or soon-to-be-deceased. “Jazz is dead.” “Jazz is dying.” “Jazz is going extinct.” If this is so, the suffering patient has been enduring a kind of decades-long hospice care...