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The Art of Being Funny in Los Angeles

Lately we’ve been immersing ourselves in stand-up comedy and feeling altogether good about it. You can be addicted to a lot worse things than endorphins. Much of the past year in Los Angeles has been spent closely observing comedians doing their thing: ranting, rambling, telling jokes, riffing, raving, singing songs, reading from a script, making...

Justin Ian Daniels

He’s intensely energetic, but not manic, prone to rapid-fire improvisation yet not scatterbrained. Fierce and charming. Comic Justin Ian Daniels is in the midst of a month-long residency at Hollywood’s longest-running (and best) weekly comedy show, “What’s Up, Tiger Lily?” Don’t miss the opportunity to see him do his thing. It’s a kind of magic.

Melissa Villasenor

She’s weird in the most wonderful way: adorably peculiar weird, not creepy weird. People like her. She’s cute — and super funny. Melissa Villasenor is a singing comedian whose own natural voice is impression worthy — think Mickey Mouse an octave lower — yet specializes in excellent, knowing impressions of famous folks, mostly singers. You’ll...