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The Art of Being Funny in Los Angeles

Lately we’ve been immersing ourselves in stand-up comedy and feeling altogether good about it. You can be addicted to a lot worse things than endorphins. Much of the past year in Los Angeles has been spent closely observing comedians doing their thing: ranting, rambling, telling jokes, riffing, raving, singing songs, reading from a script, making...

A F*cking Problem in the Comedy World

We here at MichaelKonik.com aren’t persnickety. We’re not prudes. We don’t take offense. Very little is out of bounds in our way of thinking. Sure, venality and cruelty and mendacity tend to rankle and annoy, and, sure, we’re probably more squeamish than most when it comes to violence. But “bad words” don’t bother us like they...

What’s Up Tiger Lily?

In a town lousy with talented comedians, it’s easy to find cheap laughs in L.A. But it’s hard to find a show cheaper ($0 cover; two drink minimum) and funnier (Comedy Central stars, The Simpsons writers, surprise drop-ins) than the consistently wonderful “What’s Up Tiger Lily?” Every Monday, in Hollywood.