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Tierney Sutton Band

The Tierney Sutton Band — Christain Jacob, Trey Henry, Kevin Axt, Ray Brinker, and a chick singer — continues to make music that transcends labels. Their latest album,  “American Road,” features virtuoso musicianship, astounding arrangements, and a dedication to grooviness that proves high art can be enlightening and deliciously fun.

In Praise of Rhiannon

Living in a culture where the surest way for a woman to achieve notoriety and celebrity is to inexpertly perform fellatio on a homemade sex tape, disingenuously decry its orchestrated release on the Internet, and then snag a “reality show” that broadcasts her inane yammering in excruciating detail, one desperately needs occasional doses of pure...

In the Company of Genius?

This past week I’ve had the honor of producing an album for FreeHam Records, the little record company I own. I’ve lived inside the control room of a studio in Hollywood, listening closely to what the musicians are playing and making sure their most stirring creations are captured properly on a computer disk. My job...