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Tierney Sutton’s “After Blue”

When one of the world’s greatest jazz singers, Tierney Sutton, interprets one of the world’s greatest songwriters, Joni Mitchell, the result, in the case of Sutton’s new “After Blue,” is a startlingly sublime work of art. Recording for the first time in a decade without her Tierney Sutton Band mates Christian Jacob and Ray Brinker...

Tierney Sutton Band

The Tierney Sutton Band — Christain Jacob, Trey Henry, Kevin Axt, Ray Brinker, and a chick singer — continues to make music that transcends labels. Their latest album,  “American Road,” features virtuoso musicianship, astounding arrangements, and a dedication to grooviness that proves high art can be enlightening and deliciously fun.

The Tierney Sutton Band: An Appreciation

Last night, the Tierney Sutton Band gave a Grammy nomination celebration concert at Catalina Bar & Grill, in Hollywood. The place was packed with music lovers, some of whom “knew her when” she was performing in front of six people, others who had been faithful fans since her first Telarc album, and some recent converts...