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What Californians Have Done in Electing Arnie

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor-elect of California, has admitted to at least one and possibly more instances of inappropriately groping female colleagues. As wary as I am of “sexual harassment” laws, particularly those that curtail free speech, the alleged Schwarzenegger incidents reported in the Los Angeles Times do not involve making a woman feel uncomfortable by...

Dividing the World into Two Neat Pieces

There are those who live for the day. There are those who live for an afterlife. There are those who believe in carpe diem. There are those who believe in the prospect of a better place. There are those who are alive. And there are those who are waiting to live. I can’t wait.

The Ultimate Accomplishment: Being Famous

What exactly do “reality” celebrities do that warrants their fame? Do they make anything transcendent and lasting? Do they help us understand in new and revelatory ways what it means to be alive? Are they anything more than our society’s court jesters, our physically attractive fools who distract us momentarily from the challenges of “real”...