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November 30, 2014

November 30, 2014

November 30, 2014: MK Punky hosts “Revolutionary Words” at Elderberries Social Justice Café; 6PM sign-up, 7PM show.

Daniel Koren’s “The Most Important Thing”

When a performance is difficult to explain yet utterly cogent to live audiences, something suspiciously like art is probably happening. In the case of composer Daniel Koren’s “The Most Important Thing,” a mélange of music, video, dance, and comedy, the results are wildly entertaining, formally provocative, and resolutely their own thing. That’s not easy in...

The Todd Glass Show

Since every creative person in America has a podcast, it’s difficult keeping up with the overwhelming output. So many personal revelations, so many jokes. So much repetitive blathering. The best podcasts, like The Todd Glass Show, don’t require regular listening to understand what’s going on. Dive in anywhere — more than 100 shows in the...

Neil Hamburger

Andy Kauffman. Tony Clifton…Jackie Mason — America’s glorious tradition of professional funnymen lives on in the fabulous Neil Hamburger.  Hamburger’s live act, which reportedly differs from his many celebrated albums, features a barrage of Socratic jokes, tough questions with tougher answers. If you’re his ex-wife, we’re sorry! Neil’s pacing is legendary, and he uses the abundance of mucus...