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February 22, 2015

February 22, 2015

MK Punky hosts and performs in “Revolutionary Words” at Elderberries Café, in Hollywood — with Utkarsh (UTKtheInc)

“Revolutionary Words”

“Revolutionary Words” is a new Social Justice Open Mic curated by yours truly under my stage persona, MK Punky. The event will feature poets and prophets in a kind and nurturing space, Elderberries Community Justice Café, where some sensational spoken word artists seen often at Da Poetry Lounge will demonstrate that the Consciousness Revolution is well...

Revolutionary Words

“Revolutionary Words.” Sounds intriguing, and possibly…violent? Not that kind of revolution. We’re talking about the bloodless kind, the mind revolution, each individual looking deep and changing the one and only person he/she/we are able: ourselves, one at a time. “Revolutionary Words” are those that dare to speak the truth out loud. “Revolutionary Words” are those...