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An Interview with Michael Konik about His Novel “Becoming Bobby”

In the days preceding the publication of Michael Konik’s eighth book, a darkly satirical novel called “Becoming Bobby,” writer and Vegas Lit Managing Editor Arnold Snyder interviewed the author. Much was revealed about the creative process and Konik’s motivations for writing a book so drastically different than his previously published work. The interview originally appeared at Write-aholic....

December 27, 2012

December 27, 2012

KLAV’S “Gambling With an Edge,” with guest Michael Konik discussing his new Vegas novel. 7:15-7:45PM PST, over the air and online.  

Risk of Ruin

Arnold Snyder’s new novel Risk of Ruin is set in the biker, blackjack, and body-ink subcultures and features as one of the main characters God Almighty — in the form of a 15-year-old runaway Vegas stripper. In other words, our kind of book! The beauty of RoR is how elegantly the author entwines some sensationally subversive...

Vegas, Old and New

While the core business of Las Vegas is the same as it’s always been, i.e., separating people who aren’t very good at remedial math from their money, the style of the place has undergone a well-documented facelift. Gone are the Mob-run grind joints; scrapped are the family destination ambitions; almost forgotten are the days of...