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The Story of the Clitboys

We were teenagers. We lived in the northern suburbs of Milwaukee. We knew nothing. But we felt deeply about everything. We were angry, confused, disgusted, frightened, and yet somehow hopeful. We were also blissfully unaware that three kids from Wisconsin could make music that would continue to mean something to listeners more than three decades...

April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015

Milwaukee-based Beer City Records re-issues the classic 1983 Midwest Hardcore Punk album, “We Don’t Play the Game,” by The Clitboys, featuring songwriter MK on bass and vocals.

Poem: A Brief Autobiography

I was a punk rocker. A real one. Original Midwestern Hardcore Punk Thrash loud and fast and angry enough to convey the depths of agony residing in our adolescent breasts, the unspeakable (only screamable) pain of being trapped like a bear in a sharp leg clamp, tortured by the knowledge that we were ensnared in a...

A Punky Revelation

In the early 80’s I played in a “hardcore punk rock” band. This means our music was super-fast, loud, angry, rebellious, and disinclined to follow mainstream rules. (I realize in retrospect that we were willing to follow a different set of rules, a parallel code informally understood to delineate “authentic” hardcore punk rockers from “posers.”)...