Talking to God

Virgin in PrayerA devout Christian woman in Texas stoned her children to death because, she claimed, God had spoken to her and expressly directed her to kill.

A cadre of psychiatrists told the court hearing her trial that she was clinically insane.


Why is someone considered insane when Gold talks to her but perfectly normal when she talks to God? Every day millions of people around the globe talk to God. (It’s called praying.) Most sensible people consider these monologists mentally stable; yet, should the object of their conversation – God – ever answer back, we brand them crazy.

That seems a little unfair.

Nearly every week we hear a professional athlete attributing his sports achievement to God, as if God considers, say, an auto race as important and worthy of His time as, for example, the situation in Iraq. But no one ever commits these athletes to a mental hospital. Instead, we smile and nod, pleased that the power of prayer has been affirmed yet again by someone worthy of God’s love and Nextel Cup favors.

A few days ago we picked up a pamphlet distributed by an organization called the Christian Reformed Church, a Calvinist sect competing in an already crowded market for souls. The brochure enumerated distinctive teachings the CRC holds dear. The first one was, Our God Reigns. Which was explained thusly: “The CRC teaches that nothing in the world happens outside of God’s will. Our creator is in control of all things. No forces in heaven, earth, or hell can frustrate what God promises to do for us (PS.2). That does not mean that everything that happens is God’s will. We do many things God does not want. Our disobedience sets into motion many disastrous events that are our own doing. In spite of that [sic], we may still exercise our human freedom. But our actions and decisions are under our heavenly Father’s restraining, providing care.”

Now, we’re not nearly smart enough to untangle the Gordian knot of logical fallacies contained in the CRC’s manifesto. But we do know this: There are many, many people who devoutly believe whatever it is the preceding paragraph is trying to say. And not one of them is considered insane.Praying Ethos

Reasonable folks might point at the murderous Texas mom and say, “God would never have told one of His flock to do such a monstrous thing.”

But isn’t that a bit presumptuous of us to assume we can know what God says in His private conversations with his worshippers? After all, He’s previously told Medieval Englishmen to get on their horses and slaughter Arabs. He’s previously told obedient Spanish Catholics to torture and maim heretics who refused to confess their essential evil. And even today He’s telling thousands – millions? – of orthodox Muslims that Jews, Americans, and anyone else who refuses to get with the program need to be exterminated.

The case of the Texas mom illustrates a terrible dilemma people of faith must face every time they bow their head in prayer: God may hear our pleas; but woe is the day when we actually hear Him answer back.

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9 Responses

  1. Jane Stuart says:

    We can never be the better for our religion if our neighbor is the worse for it.

    Sir, you are thinking too much. Use your Spirit, your sense (that which is not too common or I would have said common sense.

  2. Tam says:

    I must say this I never looked at “prayer” this way. Still cogitating…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think this essay could have been titled “Redefining Insanity.” Very interesting stuff, Konik. But you’re gonna burn in hell anyway.

  4. Will says:

    There are people who want to manipulate using religion and also insane people using the name of God. For me, there are some events that are God’s will but I don’t believe EVERYTHING that happen is God’s will. We have freedom and our actions can benefit or harm other people. We should not blame God for human’s actions. For the Christians, If the so called God was born and His name is Jesus then Christians should follow Jesus’ teachings and His examples alone. Everything that is written in the bible before Jesus was born or teachings that is not from Jesus’ mouth could be made up stories for He even corrected the Code of Hammurabi and other old religious practices. Bible consists of mostly Jewish culture, history, literature and so called word of God and a bible reader should first decipher those. So following everything what is written in the bible is insane.

  5. TT says:

    Thank you for your thoughtfully written article. The message seems to be aimed at me specifically. Our son has recently discovered marijuana (he’s in college, at UCLA) and I admit that I have a lot to learn from this – though he was the individual who found your site first and shared this essay. Most of us can’t imagine a more superb present than a gift that encouragse you to think more. So I’m going to continue thinking. Not sold yet, but the light is on.

  6. Hell Awaits says:

    I truly wanted to thank you for having the bravery to write the truth. People who pray — talk to God — are insane in some way, but just try telling them that! Instead I will give them your essay and have them call you.

  7. TTD says:

    Useful article. I like it personally.

  8. vps says:

    Tremendous post. I am glad I found this on Yahoo. You’re good.

  9. Tipper says:

    I like this essay but I can see how it will piss some people off big time. Oh well.