The Day After the Revolution

trclogoEXCERPTED FROM “How The Revolution Started: Essays & Impertinent Thoughts “(Eggy Press).

…and to conclude, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission makes the following findings and recommendations.

+ Capitalism has been an interesting experiment which has now ended. We must identify a better organizing principle than greed.

+ Those who have aspired to the crimes of the 1% — hoarding wealth — but never managed to acquire their first billion are not innocent; they are merely less successful criminals.

+ Slavery is hereby abolished. Let it be recorded that for the first time in human history all of humankind has been completely emancipated.apology

+ Drug prohibition is hereby abolished; a national apology shall be given to those incarcerated for drug “crimes.”

+ Prisons will be reserved solely for the incorrigibly violent, not as places to punish the non-violent.

+ There is a no shortage of anything, except kindness and compassion. All crises are matters of poor distribution.

+ The Gross Domestic Product metric shall be replaced by a National Happiness and Contentment Index.

+ War has ended. Love making has begun.

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  1. Adam says:

    This is the place I want to live. I’m with you.