The Hate U Give

America’s ongoing oppression of people of color, expressed most viciously in police brutality against unarmed black men, is the subject of director George Tillman, Jr.’s film version of Angie Thomas’s book “The Hate U Give.” (The title refers to a Tupac Shakur lyric riffing on the theme of “you reap what you sow.”) The movie is gripping, disturbing and deeply affecting, thanks largely to the stellar ensemble cast lead by the young actor Amandla Stenberg, whose emotional transparency serves the work beautifully. (Full disclosure: We’ve known Amandla since she was a baby; her mom is an old writing colleague.) From the opening scene — a father’s lecture to his children on how to survive a police stop — to the wrenching climax, “The Hate U Give” is a necessary and welcome artistic response to the ongoing nightmare of systemic injustice.

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  1. Chris Zambon says:

    Hard to believe it all and I would not have thought much about it but Trumpism has brought it to the forefront. I wonder if his racism will wake people up, people like me. Maybe some good can come from this shamefully dark time.