The Healthcare Fiasco and Market Capitalism

I must confess to something that might scandalize those more thoughtful and assiduous than I: despite having all sorts of strong opinions about the omnibus healtchare bill presently making its historic way through Congress, I have not actually read the 2000+ page document.

I have, however, read what other people have said about it — people who also may or may not have actually read the thing. Whether they’re minions of the liberally biased, Jewish-controlled Media or patriotic gadflies from the fair & balanced school of vitriol, one conclusion seems inescapable: our devout wish to provide “affordable” healthcare for every citizen of our great republic is antithetical to the imperatives of market capitalism.

Perhaps I’m better suited to residency in Canada or France, but socialism, it seems, is the only system properly prepared to take care of everyone. Capitalism — at least the brand practiced in America — is designed to elevate winners above losers, to reward those with superior initiative, work habits, and moral character. Those who have not achieved at the exalted level of their betters haven’t earned the spoils of victory — like excellent medicine. Do we really want to encourage more laziness and mediocriy by giving unexceptional folks exceptional treatment? That’s reserved for those who have accomplished enough to buy it.

Kindhearted softies who profess poetically altruistic impulses to mother each and every person — aside from illegal immigrants, of course — don’t seem to grasp the essential, reductive truth of How Things Work: if you’re playing by the rules of the game that everyone has agreed upon in advance, you can’t change them when you don’t like the result.

Or can you?

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  1. Emmy says:

    Good stuff. Spot on.