The Male Brothel

Objects of Desire and Fantasy, for rentTabloid favorite Heidi Fleiss, a young woman whose two best talents appear to be self-promotion and the marketing of nubile flesh, recently announced via the winking and blushing media, including the credulous Los Angels Times, that her latest venture in pimping would be in Nevada, where prostitution is legal in several clear-thinking counties. This time, though, instead of catering to rich Hollywood men her planned target market would be wealthy women. In her new venture the whores on offer will be men.

A prospective name: The Stud Farm.

Notwithstanding the madam’s past follies, we think a male brothel has a great chance of succeeding. It’s about time women had this kind of outlet for their sexual appetites. Male strippers and masseurs have long been a favorite of bachelorette parties; quasi-pornographic magazines and TV shows aimed at women (Cosmopolitan and “Sex and the City,” for example) celebrate the sexualized woman and are wildly successful; and the frank commercialization of lust permeates women’s fashion and style. Women — in America, at least — are permitted in most stratum of society to be sexual animals, to harbor the same hungers as men folk. It’s no secret (to some enlightened males) that women are often far more sexually driven than men, and that their fantasies and desires are naughtier than the most libertine fellow. Why shouldn’t they have a pay-to-play outlet for their wanton moments?

What’s fascinating about a male brothel that caters to women is how the studs will perform on the nights when the clientele is something other than horny sorority sisters on Spring Break from Arizona State University. Aside from erectile dysfunction pills, what methods will the male whores use to service demanding customers who won’t settle for anything less than long and hard? Female prostitutes can lay back and wait for the act to be over; male sex workers don’t have that luxury. Indeed, the male brothel will be a laboratory of sorts, a place where ideas about sex and power, capitalism and exploitation, carnality and intimacy, can be turned inside out, a place that will do the intriguing work that academia ought to do when it’s not stuck in theoretical mud.

We look forward to seeing how the Stud Farm works out. There may even be a book in it…

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