The Meditation Shield

People who have a meditation practice — doesn’t matter what kind or style — make a conscious decision to put their focus on something specific: breath going in and out; a mantra; waves arriving and receding. Thoughts come and go. Things happen or don’t. And the meditator observes them all.

When you’re traveling on the path toward liberation from suffering, fewer foul messages reach your consciousness. Because they’ve trained themselves to look inward, those who mediate build for themselves a kind of nonsense filter, a shield against the constant bombardment of consumer culture. It’s not that you’re unable to hear the noise; you’re simply dialed into a different (higher?) frequency. When those consumerist imperatives are flashed at you visually — buy this! look here! smell better! — you’re focused elsewhere.

In this way, people who meditate are less prone to be victimized by capitalism and all the irrelevance it produces.

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