The Physics of Light

Almost everyone knows who Albert Einstein was. Almost no one can articulate his General Theory of Special Relativity. Ditto Issac Newton and how he mathematically proved planetary gravity. The pop science series “The Physics of Light” explains these universal concepts with superb animations, trippy CGI and clever graphics, all delivered in a storytelling, non-academic style. The series, now streaming online, also employs period-piece re-enactments featuring evocatively costumed actors ruminating soulfully into space. This is something we often see from the host-presenter, Young Doo Jung, an elaborately barbered fellow who favors eyeglasses without glass and who spends a good deal of the series staring out of windows, pondering either eternity or perhaps his next goatee style. Dubbed in amusing English from the original Korean, “The Physics of Light” proves that quantum physics can be funny, not merely profound.

physics of light

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