The Primary Benefit of Movie Previews

A steadily increasing majority of moviegoers — at least the ones I talk with — are becoming increasingly unsteady in their reaction to the previews shown before presentations of feature films. The advertising and promos for Dolby and THX are oppressive enough, they say. Must we be assaulted with 15 minutes worth of previews? 

I quite like them. Since move previews long ago lost their ability to tell viewers what the film was about without revealing key plot points, these 3-5 minute reels are miniature versions of the product they’re promoting. If you pay attention, even a little bit, you’re effectively seeing 3 or 4 little movies before the main one. This is a great deal. Thanks to the unguarded generosity of the folks who put together these previews, one can safely cross of his list another handful of movies one no longer has any interest in seeing.

Instead of wasting $10-14 per ticket on movies you suspected were regurgitated dreck, you can easily confirm that nearly everything being produced by the American film industry is unwatchable unless you’re a 14-year-old boy — or whomever else remains fascinated by movies based on comic books, television shows, or video games.

I don’t go to the movies much. But when I do, I get plenty of powerful reminders of why it’s often best to stay away.

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