The Slow Motion Holocaust

a typcial black maleIdentification, ostracism, confiscation, concentration, and annihilation.

Those are the key steps in all genocides. We haven’t yet accomplished the final solution, the annihilation part, but we’ve done a brilliant job of the first four steps in our slow-motion holocaust against the American Underclass, the perpetually poor lowest ten percent of our society. The clever part, the really insidious part, is that while perpetrating our crime we’ve avoided the international community’s approbation. Indeed, we’ve earned begrudging praise for figuring out how to warehouse our unwanted black males and uneducated white trash behind bars, where they can’t hurt our precious children. And we’ve built a profitable, fast-growing new industry to boot: the for-profit prison business. So long as there are plenty of useless poor folk lying about playing dominoes and smoking weed, we’ll always have plenty of bodies to fill the cells, keeping the policemen, the lawyers, the judges, the probation officers, the court clerks, the prison guards, and all the peripheral service staff wonderfully busy with meaningful jobs. Incarcerating your fellow citizen can be a satisfying and lucrative career.Speak da truth

The War on Drugs declared by Richard Nixon in 1971 and significantly intensified by mandatory minimum sentences under Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, is a failure only if you’re a drug user, especially a black drug user. For the rest of us — those of us who aren’t among the lowest strata of society — it’s a total success!

Poor white folk are the next target. Seeing as there aren’t any manufacturing jobs left here in America, we don’t really have any use for these former laborers, and they sure as heck aren’t going to go to college. So instead of letting them scarf up our food stamps, make welfare babies, and rape our wife during a drug-induced crime spree, isn’t it better to do something useful with all the meth-heads roaming around our increasingly dangerous cities? Like, put them in a cell. Provide jobs for everyone (except the prisoner). Turn a frown upside down.

You can see now why legalizing drugs is going to hurt a lot of good people, the law abiding types who only use legal drugs like alcohol. You stop filling your gleaming new prisons with fresh product, you lose jobs. That is, unless you find aIdentifying a new target different group to identify, ostracize, etc. Yoga people, maybe?

The answer to all our economic problems seems obvious: we need to intensify the War on Drugs. We must spend even more of our national budget on this noble fight, basing a larger proportion of our national economy on identifying druggies, ostracizing them for their general smelliness, confiscating all their stuff in RICO seizures, concentrating them behind bars for decades, and then…well, that’s not the nice part.

They say you shouldn’t fix something that ain’t broke. Sometimes, if you care about your family and your neighborhood and your property, you shouldn’t fix something that’s broken.


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2 Responses

  1. bamboobill says:

    Prisons for profit is perversion at the highest human corrupt level. “land of the free” could hardly be more wrong.

  2. Green Jazz says:

    Horrible! Putting people in prison for marijuana? What a joke! But then…we do need to boost the economy. What a horrible truth!