The Todd Glass Show

Since every creative person in America has a podcast, it’s difficult keeping up with the overwhelming output. So many personal revelations, so many jokes. So much repetitive blathering. The best podcasts, like The Todd Glass Show, don’t require regular listening to understand what’s going on. Dive in anywhere — more than 100 shows in the archives — and prepare to LOL. Glass, a masterful improviser, has few boundaries and an exquisite sense of absurdity. Surrounding himself with some of the funniest and smartest people in Los Angeles — regular guests include Eddie Pepitone, Rory Scovel, and James Adomian — Glass pontificates and analyzes and wonders out loud without emotional filters. (Running joke: He’ll say something weird and claim it will be edited out in post; the show sounds like nothing gets cut.) Anything’s possible with Todd Glass, and most of it is magic.

Todd Glass Show

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