The Ultimate Accomplishment: Being Famous

paris hilton has a modest talent for fellatioWhat exactly do “reality” celebrities do that warrants their fame?

Do they make anything transcendent and lasting? Do they help us understand in new and revelatory ways what it means to be alive? Are they anything more than our society’s court jesters, our physically attractive fools who distract us momentarily from the challenges of “real” life?

Awe-inspiring talent; the ability to do something that few others can; a capacity to educate and to move — these qualities are generally absent in the TV stars we apotheosize. Mainly, we celebrate the famous not for any measurable accomplishment, but merely for being recognizable — which, given the ocean of media in which we presently drown, is probably no small feat. For that we salute them.

But these days, it’s entirely possible to be famous for being famous. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, just strange. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see people earn fame for actually doing something? Other than performing fellatio?

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