To Be the Best

Is it possible to be the best at something in which “best” is measurable and quantifiable — such as athletic championships — while being a nice person? Or is it only possible to distinguish oneself, seperate oneself from the rest, by practicing a conscious aloofness and distance that inspires fear and respect from one’s opponents? 

Maybe. Anthing’s possible. Rules have exceptions, etcetera. But all the available evidence suggests that the impulse to step on throats, to win and win and win more, and by larger margins, is found most commonly and persuasively in folks with a deep vein of anger running through their soul. Guys with the metaphorical chip on their shoulder.

Will Tiger Woods find better results than pre-scandal by being a warmer, more open fellow, quicker with a smile and a wink and an autograph? Probably not. Being a happy human being, it seems, is not necessarily a useful technique for champions of a certain temperament.

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1 Response

  1. Jetpack says:

    I’m the best at something and it doesn’t matter what. Believe me, you don’t want to be the best at ANYTHING. It takes over yoru life.