Tough Questions

Is it worth keeping millions of Americans employed in an industry that produces products which harm our country? Would those laborers be better utilized making something that’s good for society? Or is it simply more important to provide jobs — to maintain jobs — no matter how pointless and unhelpful they are? 

Other than the daunting odds of succeeding, is there a compelling reason uneducated, unprivileged parents shouldn’t steer their children away from a formal “education” in dysfunctional public schools and, instead, nurture their nascent athletic talents?

Why do we call a women performing fellatio on a paying customer “prostitution” and a Senator crafting legislation to please her campaign contributors “democracy”?

If God is omniscient, why must He rely on his mortal minions to protect his divine reputation? If one causes offense to God, is it the righteous man’s duty to stick up for the Lord? Why cant He take care of himself?

Do Afghani women find Talibani men sexy?

If gambling is a social evil, why do most state governments encourage their citizens to gamble (on sate-run lotteries)?

What would a poor African who walks two-miles roundtrip for daily clean water make of a country that is capable of producing the television show “The Biggest Loser”?

Will the anti-Christ make his denouement in the next hundred days?

To ensure the long-term health of our planet and our species, what are we willing to give up?

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  1. Chris Zambon says:

    Michael, put me on a notification for your thoughts otherwise I don’t get to them. Sadly, I am always behind on my internet exploring, with so much to delve into, lots of things run behind. I will get to your book. Kim has 4 or more books piled up to read already, Art Pepper, Gary Burton, Coltrane and another by a friend who hasn’t published it yet. He is getting into books on cds, so who knows about him reading yours right now. Love Chris