Voter Guide for the Lazy and Disgusted

LA County Supervisors BuffetIf a candidate pledged to legalize drugs and prostitution, end imprisonment of all but the violent, rig the financial system to operate in reverse (making the rich get poorer and the poor get richer), slash military spending by at least 50% and then repatriate all the brave men and women currently stationed overseas protecting American business interests, quit the fossil fuel model, institute national healthcare, and guarantee a free and useful education to all citizens – then we might be able to get it up for voting on November 4.

Alas, only one Party seems to be fielding candidates in this week’s elections. The Money Party has already won. Again. It’s over. The game is finished, now and forever – or until we collectively decide that our elections ought to be about something other than the expression of monetary power (like, for instance, the will of the people).

Even ol’ Uncle Jerry, the career Governor of California, has grown fond of his millions of dollars in political “donations,” even though he faces virtually no electoral challenge and even though he has previously made pleasant noises about the evils of Big Money in the political process. Bribery always seems less heinous when you’re benefitting from party

Even our statewide Propositions, which allow the populous to bypass intransigent (or incompetent) legislators and craft the law of the land, have become honey pots for out-of-state political money launderers, who pump millions into single-issue questions, hoping that a little money spent now will mean a great big pile of more in the near future. These aren’t races for office. These are votes on the State Law of California. So maybe we should all try to pay attention.

Here’s where we stand on the Props.

1: YES. Water is life. (So is air, but there’s only so much money to go around, right?)

2: YES. Budgeting wisely seems utterly sensible, so we’re suspicious.

45: YES. When insurance companies spend more than $50 million to defeat something, you know it’s good.

potheads246: YES. Insert “medical industry” and see above.

47: YES. This space believes all non-violent criminal sentences need to be shortened. Imprisonment doesn’t work. It’s slow-motion genocide. We need another way. Reducing sentences, particularly for drug possession, is a first step.

48: NO. Sorry, Indians. We don’t think you should build more casinos on non-tribal land. We think you should get your land back.

P (LA County): NO. Sounds good, smells bad. Everyone loves more money for public Parks, right? Not when it’s doled out according to County Supervisor Fiefdom. More filthy lucre for some of the country’s most powerful (and greedy) politicians.

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