We’re Not Qualified

earth sunLook, we’re not qualified to discuss the scientific data on the sun. We don’t have that kind of education. That’s for specialists to debate among themselves. All we know is that there’s a strong case for the sun being the “center” of our galaxy and an equally strong case for us, Earth, being the “center” of the galaxy. Obviously, it’s all very complicated. Rushing to final judgment on this issue would be a mistake.

And why does it even have to be an issue? Can’t we all just agree to disagree? Respect everyone’s point of view, even if it’s not outlined in the Bible?

It’s not like we’re claiming the sun isn’t the center of our galaxy. We’re just saying there’s some very strong data out there that makes you wonder…and isn’t skepticism one of the lynchpins of scientific inquiry?

Also – and you’ve got to be realistic about this – everyone has a motive. Everyone has an agenda. We’re sure the thousands and thousands of “objective” scientists who have conspired to monopolize the astronomic conversation about the sun have (unspoken) financial interests. Indeed, it will surprise nobody to learn that almost every scientist whose studies show that the sun is central to our planetary system is being funded byJohn Boehner, science nerd the so-called “renewable” energy industry. If you haven’t heard about this crime against the American people (and our lesser neighbors) then you haven’t been searching the Internet hard enough. We’re not claiming the wind and solar cabals have made up the entire Copernican story; we’re just saying that facts can’t always be trusted.

What is science anyway but a bunch of opinions? As we say, we’re not qualified to understand the data. But we’re smart enough to know that the people who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of universal “truth” are probably just as venal and corruptible as, say, a member of the House of Representatives from the great state of Ohio. Their “conclusive” proof needs to be taken with a whole sack full off salt – forget the grain. Because they’re really just concluding whatever it is they want to conclude. Like what happens when a Senate investigative committee issues a report on campaign reform.

gww blog bannerSo, sure, we acknowledge it’s entirely possible that what some scientists claim is possible. The sun really might be up there in the center of things. It could be happening right now. But there are some other scientists that are able to show that good old Earth is still right in the center of everything, the way God wanted it. All we’re saying is: let’s leave it up to people smarter than us to figure out what the data really means. One day it will all be clear. And who knows, some of us might still be around when they figure out which side was right.

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