Who Are You Trying to Become?

young studentAll of us, on some level, are on a meandering journey headed in the general direction of self-discovery. We’re trying to answer the essential questions sentient beings have always asked: Where did I come from? Where am I going? Who am I?

For some of us, there’s another crucial inquiry: Who is the person I wish to become? A saint? A Titan? A leader? A friend to all? Who is the person I wish to become? What’s the best version of me?

Some folks wish devoutly to grow their bankroll. Some hope to grow their heart. Some want to rule the world; some wish to serve it.

Ask yourself: Who do I wish to become? If I could perfect myself while still retaining all the imperfections that make me human, what would my perfect self be like? Kinder or richer? More feared or more compassionate?

Once you have a clear picture of the person you wish to become, you can probably imagine the improvements you  want for your country, your society, your world.

Who you vote for in political contests announces to the world your answers to these crucial questions. Your vote reveals how you think about yourself and about your brothers and sisters.

So before you reflexively vote for someone based on less meaningful factors, without examining the ideology behind your decision, ask yourself once more: Who is the exalted soul I wish to become?

And then find the candidate whose vision of our country’s future most closely resembles your best self.


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