Why It’s Important to Earn Lots of Money

Most of us toil at jobs were not crazy about, dedicating a large portion of our life on Earth to laboring at tasks that may or may not satisfy our spiritual hunger. We recognize that we have a finite amount of time to be alive — and that time may be shorter than we imagine — and that the hours we spend at the office or factory or wherever we perform our quotidian exercises might possibly be spent doing other more satisfying things.

But we remind ourselves that it’s necessary and perhaps even virtuous to earn the money that our work produces. We have families to feed, bodies to clothe, electronic gadgets to purchase. Our determination freshly resolved, we rededicate ourselves to the pursuit of money and all the wonderful things it can get us.

In our idle moments, we let ourselves daydream. If I had more money, I could eat four (or even five) meals a day instead of three. I could have a 4,600 square-foot house instead of a 2,800-foot one. And if I really made a bundle, I could have two or three of them, although it would be difficult to live in each one simultaneously.

Rather than drive a $40,000 luxury sedan, I could have a Porsche.

Instead of staying at hotels with clean sheets, hot water, and ample light, I could lodge at places with high-thread-count sheets and a guy who stands at the door wearing a big hat.

I could drink Champagne every night, not just on birthdays and anniversaries. My plasma screen could by bigger, my computer faster, and my waist slimmer. I could have a sexier husband, or more mistresses.

If I had more money, I could play golf on courses where most people aren’t welcome. I could buy rare art instead of having to look at the same old pictures I used to think were beautiful. I could put more space between myself and my neighbors.

If I had more money, I could hire people to do all the things I’d rather not get involved in, like changing my baby’s diapers and cleaning the windows. I could have people treat me differently, as though I were royalty or someone who wields power over others. I could bankrupt the competition and give away the spoils of battle to charities of my choice. I could make people fear me and respect me and envy me, all at the same time.

I could be better in every way.

Let us not forget why we work. Let us never forget.

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