Why Terrorists Hate America

America HatersThe commonly understood reason why terrorists wish to kill and maim Americans is because they hate our freedoms. That’s what’s behind all the civilian violence: they hate our freedoms. You can go ahead and enumerate all the freedoms the terrorists hate, but it doesn’t really matter which ones –freedom to assemble publicly with unmarried members of the opposite sex; freedom to participate in an electoral charade; freedom to watch nudity on television. The very concept of freedom is an affront to these heartless killers.

After the Boston Marathon bombs, there might be another reason worth considering, a reason that some unpatriotic thinkers have been suggesting since September 11, 2001.

Maybe terrorists don’t hate our freedoms. Maybe they hate our policies.

The surviving suspect in Boston indicated that his brother and he were outraged at U.S. involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Other captured evildoers have indicated that their terrorism was inspired by America’s constant meddling in the Arab world and beyond.

We can no longer ask ourselves, “What is it that these terrorists really want?” We know what they want. The question now is, “Knowing what they want, how are we going to behave?” The Aftermath of Terror

The smart money says: “as we please.” As we always have, acting our customary role of the arrogantly swaggering bully, the superpower who will not and cannot be told what to do. This will lead to more violence. That’s for certain. But, hey, what are you going to do? Let some camel jockey with a Koran tell America what’s up? That’s not going to happen for reasons that should be obvious. No one bosses the USA around, not even the people who own oil fields, and certainly not some radicalized jihadi with a pressure cooker and a bucket of nails.Plus, you know what happens when you give in to terrorists, when you negotiate with them, or capitulate to their demands: they’re never satisfied. Even if we agreed to help them wipe Israel off the map and establish a thriving Palestinian state, they still wouldn’t be happy. That’s the way these terrorists are: constantly unhappy and dissatisfied. Nothing cheers them, except when Americans suffer.

So they want something. We’re not about to give it to them. They’re going to terrorize us with homemade explosives and suicide pilots and what have you. We will punish the bad guys, perhaps even torture them. But others will take their place, continuing with the unreasonable hatred of our policies, which will lead them to additional acts of terrorism. Which will accomplish nothing, because you don’t negotiate with a terrorist, particularly when there’s nothing to discuss.

A question of patriotismSince we’re not about to change our policies – at least not in reaction to terrorist attacks – we have two choices: 1) accept regular and devastating terrorist attacks against Americans, or, 2) kill all the terrorists before they can kill us.

What’s it going to be? The value-conscious will point out that our nuclear warheads are already bought and paid for; we might as well use them before some treaty outlaws them. The pragmatic will point out that the TSA and other branches of Homeland Security (but particularly the highly professional screeners at the airport) have done a stellar job of protecting us from harm. The optimistic will point out that once-a-superpower doesn’t necessarily mean “never-again-a-superpower.” We can do it!

Or – and this is admittedly absurd, almost comical – we could reexamine our policies.

We’re betting on more violence.

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4 Responses

  1. Green Jazz says:

    I agree. US needs to rethink our policy. We are bullies! We think that by having more weapons, having more U.S. bases in the world this will make Americans safe. It is the contrary. We are making more enemies. Would you want drones right above your city? But we do it to other countries! And we wonder why get attacked by terrorists.

  2. George LaMontagne says:

    Yeah, hate our freedoms. NO. They hate anything that is not in their ideology. A Judeo/Christian society is tops on their list. Over one hundred free countries exist. Those lovely Muslims are not bombing them! How about Canada? Argentina? The UK? Ireland? Italy? France? Germany? ETC?

  3. That’s right. Obama knew it perfectly well, inside of twenty-four hours. And nobody in authority figured that some out-of-control spontaneous mob laid that attack on.So why did he send his UN ambassador to talk about spontaneous uprisings on all the Sunday gabfests?And why’d he apologize to the UN for having freedom of speech in this country?I’ve heard of trying to hide policy failures until after an election. But when a dead ambassador is involved, there’s something deeper going on.Well? What do you think?

  4. Here is “raw” footage from Fox News Boston[ … ] (video is embedded above)The first two minutes are shot from up the street, catching all the wheelchair actors going by. But notice how many people in yellow vests marked “physician” are running in both directions! It’s similar to the “firehouse loop” we saw in the Sandy Hook video where people are going in circles making it look like a lot of activity. Then when you look at the photos from the bomb scene, it’s all “civilians” attending to the “injured” — where were all these “physicians” we saw running back and forth?