You’re With Who?

HRC resignedThis was not a good week for people who had hoped to see a woman become the next President of the United States.

Their candidate, the one they shamelessly were “with” despite her sordid track-record of war-making and bribe-taking, was proven to be a serial liar with poor judgment at best and callous disregard for the law at worst. Their candidate, the one they praised for her “experience” and “intelligence,” was proven to be a national embarrassment. Their candidate was exposed as a bumbling fraud – again. But unlike Benghazi (a matter about which she appears to have lied under oath) and Bosnia (in which her tall-tale fabricating was refuted by video evidence), this time the American electorate seems to be paying attention.

When the Empress wears no clothes, everyone watches, hideous though the spectacle may be.

Her apologists will look for someone else to blame. But let’s be clear: The downfall of the “presumptive” nominee for the Democratic Mafia is not the product of a right-wing conspiracy, or a media hoax, or old-fashioned misogyny. This downfall isComey testifies on FBI probe into Clinton emails

entirely self-made. What’s happening to her campaign – and what will continue to happen until she withdraws – is karmically inevitable, the inescapable conclusion when enough light is shined on the dark and dingy corners where moral squalor and financial plunder grow like mold. When you and your husband are at the head of a global money-laundering operation that does business with the lowest scoundrels on the planet, dictators and tyrants who oppress women and torture dissidents, folks will eventually figure out that you don’t really have their best interests at heart. (Even if you don’t hold a press conference for more than 8-months.) Sometimes it just takes a few video clips to catalyze the cleansing.

How painful it must be to be confronted with incontrovertible evidence that the candidate you’ve stood behind, the one you’ve proclaimed to be most in line with your values, has no credibility. (She is literally “not to be believed.”) How demoralizing to realize that despite enjoying every advantage imaginable over a “fringe” opponent your candidate unilaterally rendered herself un-electable merely by being herself.

what you gonna doRather than bask in schadenfreude, we’re trying to be compassionate. We’re trying to imagine, for example, if Bernie Sanders were proven to be an embezzler — that all those $27 donations were going to fund his casino gambling debts and Vicodin habit. We progressives would be devastated, dumbstruck, depressed. Now, imagine you’re one of the many celebrities and private prison lobbyists and podcasters and café owners and Los Angeles City Councilmembers in CD4 who have publicly and passionately declared allegiance to HRC. How must it feel? You’ve said “I’m With Her.” And now the whole world knows who you stand beside, and they can see her stain upon you.

We imagine it feels terrible, as all betrayals do. And for that we’re truly sorry.

We’re thrilled, however, that Madame Presumed has clarified the choice between she and Bernie Sanders. The difference in their integrity is Yin toBernie for prez Yang. Bernie is honesty incarnate. Bernie is truth. (Now try reading the last two sentences with her name; as Jesus Quintana once said, “it’s laughable.”) Fortunately, there’s still time to get on the right side of history. We’re hopeful that our brothers and sisters momentarily lost in the dark will soon join us in the light, on the beautiful path toward social, economic, racial, gender, environmental and political justice.

We’re on our way. The transformation has begun. And here’s the good news for all the voters who are late to the party, Superdelegates and Hillbillies alike: we’ve got room for you, too. When Bernie Sanders is President, the United States of America will have one rule of law for every citizen regardless of color or wealth, and every citizen will enjoy the dignity and responsibility of recognizing that we’re all in this together.

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7 Responses

  1. Joe Gallagher says:

    Sanders is not going to be prez. That was clear a month ago. Articles attacking Hillary only help Trump. After Hillary gets elected we can get back to trying to create real change. So wait, or we will all forever regret what President Trump will inflict on the world and the little of what remains of our democracy. Sanders will endorse Hillary this week – we should heed his words.

  2. Richard Meyerson says:

    I get how ardent you are about Bernie. I wish he had done better earlier in the campaign season, but too few people knew him early on. The reality is Hillary is going to be the nominee and practicality and pragmatism dictate that however distasteful her past behavior seems, it behooves us to set aside our misgivings and support her vigorously. Trump and his minions are bottom feeders and heaven help us if we fail to put Hillary in the White House.

  3. Oscar Ama says:

    Hillary made her bed. Bernie wants to hold a rally the day before the convention. He is trying to bring back the new deal approach to the Democratic party. I hope he succeeds.

  4. Courtney says:

    Beautifully articulated. I hope your writings travel far and wide. The trouble is, with the media deciding who is electable, this shocking revelation, as others were, will be passed over as irrelevant and all those strangely passionate “for her” will continue to be so, facts be damned. And for all the voters they cannot reach – there is always vote rigging – as has been in evidence. And is it just me or does Trump look like a plant?

  5. Frank Pettit says:

    I’m with Hillary because Hillary’s critics are obvious liars, as we see here in the accusations above like “bribe-taking”, “sordid”, in the libelous story that she issued a “stand down order” that went 4 hours backward in time to kill 4 Americans in Benghazi, and in the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel segment “Lie Witness News” where Hillary haters make up imaginary emails they claim they read, and you can see in their eyes that they know they’re lying. Hillary’s critics know they’re lying, they had good reasons to lie (conservatism, sexism) and they mistakenly believe they’re good at lying. All these taxpayer-funded GOP campaign ads and witch hunts keep clearing her over and over, but the GOP keeps demanding more millions of taxpayer $$ for me to fund their campaign ads. Enough. You’ve been exposed as frauds. Stop stealing my taxpayer $$ to prop up your unpopular party with that racist ignorant fraud and multiply accused rapist as your candidate.

  6. Frank Pettit says:

    I wrote a comment on Konik’s website in which I accused Clinton’s critics of lying. It was deleted within 60 seconds. I wonder why? Clinton’s critics know they’re lying.

    • Kari says:

      Frank, are you referring to the comment you have up right now where you are accusing Hillary critics of lying? Because that is still up.

      And you should know that there are emails sent to and from Hillary’s personal account that can be read online. And yes, they do have to do with Benghazi. I personally have not read any that pointed out that she made any decision that caused the horrible incident (and who knows what is on the classified emails that the public does not have access to), but the fact is the information that was exchanged should not have been on her private email. For example, to work at the Norfolk Shipyard, one must have a certain level of security clearance. And workers are restricted as to what kind of phone they can have on the premise to avoid information leaking. This protocol is to maintain that level of security clearance. A person breaking this rule must meet the consequence if they make that choice to break it. It’s a double standard to not hold a person at Hillary’s level of security clearance accountable for her actions whilst people of lesser power are constantly reprimanded.